Which B2b E-Commerce Platform In The UK And Australia Is The Best For Your Business: OpenSource Or The Hosted Platforms?

Which B2b E-Commerce Platform In The UK And Australia Is The Best For Your Business: OpenSource Or The Hosted Platforms?

The internet is providing an opportunity for various companies to come up with b2b e-commerce platforms to ease business operations. However, each platform comes with its pros and cons. In this case, you need to have a plan before you decide on the platform to use. A plan will allow you to know to set your goals and the business requirements. With this, you will know the platform with features that will enhance your business functionality. There are open sources as well as the hosted platforms. They offer different users’ experience. Here are 3features that will help you to know the best platform for your business:

Ease of use

Spending more time to create a professional website can be boring and tiresome. In this case, you need to choose a platform that has an easy to use interface. The open source b2b e-commerce platforms will require you to perform a lot of coding. In this case, if you are not an expert, you can draft a sketchy website. However, you can decide to hire a designer to help you develop a perfect one.

The hosted platforms are easy to use because they come with advanced features. With this, you will not require to perform coding to enhance the functionality of your site. Your main task will be choosing one that will meet your business requirements.


Security is a must-have feature that will assure you of running a business that is free from losses. Both the hosted and self-hosted platforms will secure your website. For the self-hosted, you will get an opportunity to integrate a third-party to provide security. Also, you will easily select a hosting that will ensure that your business is secure.

The hosted b2b e-commerce platforms come with the security features and will host your site on reliable servers. Thus, you will not search for hosting providers to offer security. These platforms have features such as PCI and SSL to assure your customers of safe check-out.

Customer support

Having someone to assist you to fix the issues quickly is the best experience ever. As you know, all businesses encounter challenges. Thus, you need to have ways to fix them before they negatively affect your business. The hosted e-commerce platforms come with reliable customer support. With this, you will be sure to get positive feedback at the right time. The open source b2b e-commerce platform does not have a reliable support system. They can spend days without a response.

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